Back to what we do best!

Welcome back team, yesterday evening we delivered our first indoor sessions since lock down back in March and it was awesome.

You guys brought the energy and the passion to train that we seen during our online program and amplified it.

Like any athletes (us included...maybe not so much the athlete part these days) these times have been sent to test us and i'm sure will continue to test us for a while longer.

We encourage you all to return to your sports, get involved in your strength and conditioning training and when competitions start coming around again be in the strongest position possible to knock it out the park.

Remember recovery time is of the upmost importance in any sport, no one enjoys being injured, especially when weve just got back to our sports.

Plenty of rest in between sessions both sports sessions and strength and conditioning sessions in the gym to give you body time to recover and repair for the next sessions.

Great to have you back guys and keep spreading the word so we can continue to help athletes unlock their potential.

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